Fresh. Simple. Global.

What is the Vineyard? 

That is a fair question. 

Who are we? 

The Vineyard is a family of churches that is a missionally-minded community, committed to carrying the words and works of Jesus into every arena of human life.  

What do we do?

we Reconcile People With God & All Creation

Jesus is reconciling humans to God, to each other, and to the entire creation, breaking down divisions between Jew and Gentile, chained and free, male and female. We are committed to becoming healing communities engaged in the work of reconciliation wherever sin and evil flourish. We seek to be diverse communities of hope that realize the power of the cross to reconcile what has been separated by sin.

we Engage in Compassionate Ministry.

We lean toward the lost, the poor, the outcast, and the outsider with the compassion of Jesus as sinners whose only standing before God is utterly dependent on the mercy of God. This mercy can only be truly received in as much as we are willing to give it away. We believe that ministry in Jesus’ name should be expressed in concrete ways through the local church. The poor are to be served as though serving Jesus Himself. This is one of the distinguishing characteristics of a church expressing the love of Christ in a local community.

Where do we do it?

Pretty much wherever we find human life. The Church exists for the sake of those who are exiled from God. We are called to bring the Gospel of the kingdom to every nook and cranny of creation, faithfully translating the message of Jesus into language and forms that are relevant to diverse peoples and cultures. To this end, we promote a creative, entrepreneurial, and innovative approach to ministry that is faithful to Jesus and expressive of His heart to reach those who are far away from God.





Mark Walker

Friend to many, Husband to a southern gal, Dad to three, and Papa to four (so far), Mark is a man who finds comfort in the things that a simple life brings. He has traveled the world, somewhere near 60 countries to be exact, reaching to and pulling in those who are far from God and closer to the tendrils of evil and sin. But that effort is not confined to places that require a stamp in a passport. Mark has spent 31 years approaching the word of God as if it were just a simple conversation between himself and God. Not so tied up with the next notch and not so full of big words and complicated directions, but a tangible example of God's promises.